The developers of The Division 2 are not going to improve the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. in an interview with the Daily Star said the assistant creative Director of Ubisoft Massive Yannick Banchero.
According to him, the team has no plans to port the project to a new platform, focusing on optimization and support already released versions of the fighter. However, due to backward compatibility on the new consoles the game should run on NextGen.
Moreover, it is interesting to look at how The Division 2 will work on PS5 and Xbox Series X no improvements from developers — considering, for example, high-speed SSD, the action must be problems with the loading of textures and streaming objects.
Recently, for the game announced a big expansion of the “Warriors of new York“which will be released March 3. It includes a storyline with the confrontation of the shadow antagonist of the franchise Aaron Keener, as well as a new location, the increase to 40 level character and more.
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