Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, today opened the event, SAYS the Summit in Las Vegas with a call to make the industry more open and free it from the monopoly practices of the owners of platforms such as Google and Apple. In a heartfelt speech on his vision of gaming in the next decade, Sweeney has criticized most of the main protagonists of the games industry.

Sweeney has defined Android as a “fake open system” to create barriers in front of users when Epic Games wanted to allow players to upload Fortnite directly from the site of Epic Games, rather than through the Google Play Store. Sweeney has stated that Google has created pop-up “scary” to users (as far as viruses and malware), in addition to other steps that users had to do to get Fortnite on Android. Epic said they had “difficult discussions” with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to make Fortnite available as a title on cross-play.

The CEO has also said to her regarding politics and video games, stating that social media should be a place where people can express in peace their political opinions. The dig was directed obviously to Blizzard , who last year ousted the pro player Blitzchung from the championships of Hearthstone for having sided in favor of the protests in China.

Another topic that touched on that during his address regarding the boards of games: according to Sweeney, the players and the suppliers of the games should be “free from the block”. Has drawn a comparison with Visa and Mastercard and the global system of credit card payment, in which providers charge fees from 2.5% to 3.5% for the transaction, while stores like Steam, Apple and Google charge 30%. For the CEO, they collect a fee unjust of revenues making it difficult for developers to earn a living. For the benefit of the developers, Sweeney has created Epic Games Store, which retains only 12% of the revenue.


He also said that the loot-box, and similar ways of making money with the system “pay to win” are part of a “business model contradictory to the customers”, that is another bad idea. After that Epic Games has purchased Psyonix , a manufacturer of Rocket League, the company has had discussions and in the end he decided to leave the loot-box.

The final speech of the CEO of Epic Games closes with a sentence of hope: “I Am really confident that we will succeed. We should all be steadfast in the struggle toward the opening of the multiplatform game, we will have many difficult conversations and painful, but in the end will bring about great things for the players”.

Source: Venture Beat