If you stay stuck for hours looking at the list of games bought ages ago because you do not know exactly what to choose then this is the news that does this for you. Steam now can suggest which titles to play, thanks to a new feature called Play Next (Forward and another in Italian).

Unlike the advice the Steam store, that will suggest what games to buy after, this feature delves into your list of games you have already purchased. Will be shown three choices at a time and, if you don’t like any of the three, you can try again. Of course, the suggestions obtained will depend on the size of your library.

Currently, the algorithm is still “work in progress” so the suggestions might be different between them. If you are curious to try it then you will need to log in on Steam from the browser and click here.


What do you think? It is a tool that you use? Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Kotaku