In development for several years, the remaster fan made Silent Hill 2 has reached its final stage and is available on PC. The collective of programmers, amateur behind this ambitious project celebrating the big event by posting a video that shows the best of “their” Enhanced Edition of Silent Hill 2.

The group in the Town of the Silent Hill describes their work as a collection of additional packages and the mod that add optimizations to the graphics, the audio, and to the dynamics of gameplay of the iconic horror Konami.

Compared to the original edition which was launched in 2001 on the PS2 and later on PC and Xbox, Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition boasts of high-definition textures, better support to the controller, the possibility of using the title at the higher resolution, the shadows sharper and the use of a camera on the widescreen, in addition to the removal of important bug with audio.

The demonstration video prepared by the collective of modders allows us to do a quick overview of what’s new contents, graphics and games to this project with the ambition to offer “the ultimate HD” to the fans of Silent Hill 2. To the lovers of survival horror, Konami finally, we recommend you retrieve these articles that show the prototype of Silent Hill 2 and the game scenarios recreated on Unreal Engine 4 with first-person view.