It seems that the Remedy will not be with hands in hand since the launch of Control and, according to what was declared by the company in a recent financial report, are in development of several projects among which we can find of the original contents, and the versions for next-gen game starring the beautiful Jesse Fayden.

In addition to the single player campaign of CrossFire X, a new edition of the popular first-person shooter that is going to land on Xbox One (his arrival is expected by the end of the year), it seems that the software house has in the pipeline other projects are very interesting. Among these, we can not fail to mention the game whose code name is Vanguard, a title exclusively online, according to what was declared by the Remedy, it will enjoy long-term support and, although they are on the project only 15 developers, is already available internally a playable demo. To this is added another title, currently without a name, on which there were 20 developers and, exactly as seen for Project Vanguard, is in pre-production.

To accompany these three games are of course also Control, as it prepares to receive the other two add-on content and, as emerges from the documents published online, also an update to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X:

“The high quality of the Control, due to its uniqueness and to the technologies used, provides us with the perfect opportunity to bring the game on the platforms of the next generation.”

The Remedy seems to be very satisfied with the sales of the game, which has been able to contribute to the revenues of the company in spite of the poor initial sales. Unfortunately we do not have precise information if the one they are talking about the developers either a free upgrade or a true next-gen game, which could take advantage of finally, the Ray Tracing even on console. Remember the fact that Control is one of the titles that makes the technology RTX one of its strong points, and thanks to next generation hardware could allow a wider audience to enjoy the benefits of this particular effect.