In the last hours appears on the Twitter profile of Daniel Ahmad, the well-known analyst and insider, many remarks of great interest about the growing popularity of the brand PlayStation during the current generation.

Here is the opinion of the analyst about the reasons for the constant growth of the PSN:

“The biggest success in the history of PlayStation in this generation was the PlayStation Network. To represent the main keys to the growth from the arrival of PS4 on the shelves were the downloadable games in the digital format, the additional content, the PlayStation Plus and PS Now. Alone, the only PS Plus and PS Now represent a quarter of the total revenue in 2019.”

It also seems that in the last year there has been a slight slowdown in sales of DLC and digital titles, that, however, was offset by the increasing investment on the part of the user in services like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. These gains, according to the words of Ahmad, have also allowed the japanese giant to invest big amounts in research and development of PlayStation 5.

Speaking of Sony, did you know that according to a study is the PlayStation brand of video games with the most loyal fans?