While we continue to wait for the official presentation, a report, Bloomberg has put the emphasis on the cost of production of PS5, which apparently would be increased because of difficulties in obtaining certain components, in particular DRAM memories and NAND Flash.

According to one estimate, the cost to produce a single unit of the PlayStation 5 would amount to $ 450. To make a comparison, in 2013, served 381 dollars to build the PlayStation 4, the console sold to the public at $ 399. From the report of Bloomberg has also emerged that Sony would be putting a lot of attention in the production of the cooling system, to make sure that the advanced components of the console does not suffer from any overheating problems.

The author of the report has not examined the question in detail, but explained that “Sony has decided to make more effort to make sure that the dissipation of the heat from the powerful chip mounted in the console is not a problem”. It seems that the japanese giant is spending a couple of dollars for each single component, which is more than double what it usually is invested by other manufacturers for the same purposes. If this proves true, it would be an upgrade substantial, even compared to the PlayStation 4.

We do not know how will be the cooling system of the PlayStation 5, to find out, we must necessarily wait for the official presentation. And if the same configuration to V Dev-Kit PS5? We’ll see!