During the Valentine event 2020 Pokemon GO will be able to see and capture the colour versions (shiny) of Lickitung, Chansey and Happiny. In this mini-guide will explain how to prepare the best for it.

Versions shiny of Lickitung, Chansey and Happiny will be available during the event of Valentine’s day 2020 of the Pokemon GO, an event that we remember to be in the program between 08:00 to Friday 14 February and 22:00 Monday 17 February. We will explain how to take advantage of the opportunity to get these three rare color variations.

How to catch Chansey Shiny in Pokemon GO

The variation of colours, Chansey can be encountered simply in the wild. The chance to meet him in the version shiny will be low, so you’ll have to rely on a good dose of luck and perseverance. During the event, Valentine’s day, however, you can take advantage of the fact that the Forms bait normal and will last 6 hours: use them to increase the chances of encountering Chansey, and continue your search until you find it in the colour version.

How to catch Happiny Shiny in Pokemon GO

You will have a chance to find Happiny shiny inside of the Eggs for 7 km. Recall that Eggs from the 7 km can only be found in packs friendship, then you just need to exchange these parcels at will until you cannot find Happiny color from the hatching of the eggs.

How to catch Lickitung Shiny in Pokemon GO

To continue the celebration of Valentine’s day 2020, from 14:00 to 17:00 Saturday, February 15, it will be possible to deal with Lickitung in the raid to 4 stars. With a good dose of luck, Lickitung will appear in a variant shiny. There remains, therefore, that participating in the raid until you meet him in the colour version. You can receive free of charge up to 5 cards raid during the event by spinning the disks in Gyms, then take advantage of the opportunity!