Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the games more visually impressive in circulation. While the game is still in alpha stage, the video and the images of those who got their hands on the trial version show up to where he managed to push the graphics engine of the game.

Recenemente Microsoft has announced that this week will send out more invitations to test its simulation title. For the occasion, some alpha testers have shared a new series of images, simply stunning.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, players will be able to fly airplanes are extremely detailed and extraordinary in a world that is incredibly realistic. Players can also create their own flight plan and fly anywhere in the planet. Also, the game will environments, day and night, as well as harsh weather conditions.


Although it has not been officially announced yet, the game may contain the technology of Ray-Tracing, but for now neither Microsoft nor NVIDIA have yet to be confirmed.

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Source: DSOG