Polish Studio Jutsu Games may no longer have to worry about the success of the Kickstartercampaign for his new project, Rustler. Game that the creators positioned as GTA in terms of the middle ages, managed to collect the required amount of 19 thousand dollars.
To fulfill the main goal of the campaign, the creators took two weeks. During this time, contributed more than a thousand players. To final still 15 days and during this time the developers hope to provide at least part of the additional purposes.
In the base game, which is already guaranteed to be two regions, 40 quests and five mini-games. If the money will continue to be, the hero Rustler, Kid, you’ll get new perks and skills, more quests and mini-games. In the far-reaching plans — new region, mythical creatures and even multiplayer.
Campaign Rustler will end on 29 February. And the release of the game supposedly take place in the fall of 2020.
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