After having announced the postponement of The Outer Worlds to Switch because of the Coronavirus, the higher spheres of Obsidian Entertainment confirmed their participation at this year’s PAX East 2020 Boston to show the game scenes new Grounded.

From the pages of the official website of the game, the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios reports that on the 29th of February held a panel at PAX East 2020 dedicated entirely to Grounded. The event will focus on how to work the “little big world game”, which are the elements that characterize the gameplay and what to expect once they met the insects that inhabit the microcosm of the Grounded.

The message launched by Obsidian confirmed the presence of Grounded among the games that will be shown by Microsoft during the course of the next instalment of Xbox Insider that will be handed down “very soon”, perhaps to coincide with the exhibition video game that will be held in Boston between the end of February and beginning of march.

At this point we can only wait until the opening of the PAX East 2020 to immerse yourself in the strange size of the last IP to Obsidian, which will be launched on the PC and Xbox One should be done in the spring, landing immediately on the Xbox Game Pass. To learn more about the project of the authors of The Outer Worlds, and Fallout: New Vegas, we return to our study about the sources of inspiration and gameplay Grounded.