Today, the release designer Dreams from the creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway from Media Moleculeand the game came the first review.
Surprisingly, the average score among critics and players is almost the same — 92/100 and 9.3/10 respectively. All in one voice say that sandbox turned out great. It is almost impossible to find some negative features.
However, some pay attention to is not the most convenient managing editor with a gamepad, although not all critics share this view — for many, management was not such a serious problem after completing basic training.
Praise worthy, and the story campaign designer — “Dream Art“. The media loved how the story and gameplay mechanics, demonstrating the power editor Dreams.
The main thesis running through all the texts — Dreams exclusive game, and unlike anything else in the industry. Her own style, pace and “gameplay”. It gives a unique feeling of belonging to something bigger.
It sounds klishirovannyh, but to fully understand the idea of Dreams, it is necessary to try personally. It is not like any that is an ambitious project that embodies professional professionals Media Molecule.
A daring experiment in game design that gives you endless ways to spend your time.
IGN (9/10)
In addition, the developers of the designer in an interview with VGC said they would like to see the PC version Dreams, but now not in the Studio working on it and I do not know whether. In this matter the last word for Sony.
The editor of Eurogamer after the news of Jason Schreier about the upcoming PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn hinted that it will be just Dreams.
While Media Molecule only informs that a virtual sandbox will naturally continue to evolve on the PlayStation 5, which is due out at the end of the year.
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