Once again Xur, the mysterious merchant of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep, thanks to which players can buy a lot of weapons and armor exotic with the Fragments of the Legendary.

From today until next Tuesday 18 February 2020 you will find the old emissary of the Nine on Nessus, for the accuracy on the huge ship of Calus to the north of the map.

Here are the exotic items on sale this week:

  • Cannon traction, pump-action shotgun exotic (slot, heavy weapon) – 29 Fragments of the Legendary
  • Shadow of the Dragon, this tunic exotic for Hunters – 23 Fragments of the Legendary
  • Protocol starfire, dressed in exotic for Warlocks – 23 Fragments of the Legendary
  • Caress of divinity larval, gloves exotic for Titans – 23 Fragments of the Legendary

In addition to the equipment of the exotic you can buy it directly, we find in the inventory of Xur theengram predestined (we remind that contains an exotic missing in your collection at a cost of 97 Fragments of the Legendary) and the Five of Swords, an accessory that allows you to activate the modifiers in the Night and increase your multiplier points.

Please note that is currently active in the promotion Twitch Materials of Destiny 2, thanks to which you will get instantly the weapons, spaceships, and other content exotic. On our pages you can also find the guide on how you can earn Frattalina in Destiny 2, the particular material that is to be deposited at the Obelisk of the Tower to speed up the arrival of the Trials of Osiris.