Publisher Merge Games and Studio Infuse announced the next phase of releases adventure third-person Spirit of the North. The game will appear on PC and Nintendo Switch this spring. The exact date is still to be determined.
In November 2019 the game Spirit of the North was released on the PlayStation 4, however, is not available in all regions. Its Russian release did not take place.
The game takes place in a world inspired by the harsh landscapes of Iceland, and in the story you can hear echoes of Norse mythology. Our hero is one in two people: the male — physical form of the Fox, and the female acts as a mystical Fox spirit.
Switching between the two forms-companions, the player will have to explore the world, to unravel the hidden mysteries and find out what happened to the world and why it lies in ruins. And if you awaken the powerful spirit of the North, all will be back to normal.
The game already you can add to your wishlist in Steam.
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