Leaks about the Royal rumble Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is already a lot, it seems that Activision took up thoroughly the sources of these information.
For starters, the publisher has blocked the user account, which in November accidentally hit the map of the battle Royal. He shared a video glitch in social networks and, probably, earned himself a lock after almost three months.
However, this story ended on a good note: after agreeing not to publish any screenshots and videos for unannounced Royal rumble his account actually worked.
Afterwards, the publisher managed to block Twitter blogger TheGamingRevolution, which became the source of many leaks on Call of Duty, including a list of multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare and a statement on the development of the battle Royal shooter in July.
According to leaks, the Royal battle of Modern Warfare called Call of Duty: Warzone — owners of Modern Warfare will launch it from the game menu, while others will be able to download a client, because the project will be distributed on the shareware model.
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