There are characters in Pokémon, such as Pikachu, which remain in the hearts of the people, while there are other creatures who want to their appearance, are neglected. One of these is Cubone, a Pokémon of old often disregarded by fans, perhaps, for its appearance is not really cute and sweet.

Now, however, a plush dedicated to this monster allows us to take a look under his mask depicting a skull. Recently became viral a tweet that shows “the true face of Cubone” through this plush official The Pokémon Company.

As you can see below the soft doll has the typical form/skulls of the Cubone, and that it is possible to remove, revealing the tender face of the Pokémon. The upper part of the mask is stitched, but it is possible to clearly see the anatomy under Cubone. The shape is what you would expect seen the skull, but the fans maybe were not prepared to all this sweetness.

If you want to see what Cubone looks like without their skull well here you go.

— Pokemon Center Reviews (@ReviewsPokemon) February 10, 2020


So far, this is the way in which fans can take a peek under the skull of the Cubone, because anime and video games have always avoided to solve this mystery. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Comic Book