One user posted a photo of a page of the expanded edition of “the Avengers” with a new release date — 31 August, that is 4 days before the official release.
Many immediately began to assume that Square Enix will repeat the trick with the “vague release date” when the owners of more expensive books will be able to start passing a few days earlier buyers of the standard version of the game.
As far as the true picture — learn in the near future. Now the page “the Avengers” fails to find any online Xbox or through the store on Xbox One.
In 2018 this trend is gaining momentum, but it hurts a lot of games with this initiative, either has failed or has shown itself to be at best modestly — among these titles was the Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Square Enix. Also do not forget about Battlefield V and Anthem.
It is believed that such segmentation of audience is hurting the progress of the project due to the scattering of the attention of the players. Even Electronic Arts has refused this initiative, however, Square Enix seems to have decided to continue to experiment.
By the way, in the network appeared the image of the collector’s edition of “the Avengers” cost $ 199 (about 14 thousand). It includes:
  • detailed figure of Captain America
  • small Mjollnir Thor
  • balked Hulk
  • poster with diagrams of Iron man’s suit
  • icon Avengers
  • steelbook
  • lithography with the team of superheroes.
“The Avengers” was originally supposed to come out may 14, but in pursuit of quality Square Enix postponed the release until September 4. The project is being developed for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and RS.
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