Couchmaster Cycon Lap Tray

This is a marvelous piece of gaming equipment that will dazzle your video gaming lover.

The Couchmaster is basically a colossal lapboard that acts as a one-of-a-kind gaming HQ. It’s the perfect choice if you’re buying it for someone who usually spends hours playing PC games.

Once you set it up, you can enjoy a uniquely comfortable gaming experience from your couch.

That’s because, on top of the desk, there is more than enough space for a gaming keyboard and mouse. Plus, the lap tray itself comes with an integrated USB 3.0 hub that allows for fast connections with up to four separate devices. There are even two pockets on the side that will serve as a cache for gaming paraphernalia (and energy drinks, of course).

This item currently costs around $160. But it’s worth it as it will allow your beloved to shoot monsters in an ergonomic fashion and comfortably extend their gaming sessions.

Pokéball Coffee Mug

Offering a coffee mug as a gift is a perfect idea if you’re on a budget. You can easily get one on Amazon or Etsy for as little as $12.

We recommend a Pokéball mug here, but if you browse a couple of online stores, you are likely to find dozens of gaming-related designs. So make sure that you pick one that will appeal to the gamer’s taste.  

After all, they would surely refuse to drink coffee from a World of Warcraft cup, if they’re really a League of Legends fan.

That’s why you should take your time to choose the right model and perhaps couple the gift with a Starbucks gift card to create a stellar gift bundle.

And when your imagination fails you, you can always go with concept art or a gaming-related quote like, “I love it when my wife lets me play video games.”  

A high-quality set of poker chips

If you’re enamored with an amateur card player, you can help them go pro by giving them a slick set of poker chips. Producing a set of chips is a big deal, as manufacturers need to appeal to certain preferences.

Perhaps it’s possible to get a set for as little as $30, but if you’re looking for a high-end product from companies such as Matsui or Gaming Partners International, prepare to shell out between $200 and $300.

Heck, you could even buy a set from a company called Paulson and get their “Tophat and Cane” collection, but you would have to be genuinely in love, as it can cost up to $1,500. 

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 5 is going to arrive in stores no sooner than December 2020. Until that time, PS4 Pro will remain the king among gaming consoles.  

The good news is that this year, its price has dropped significantly. So if you have around $300 to spend and a gaming enthusiast who still plays on PS3, this is one of your top picks.

With 4K-TV gaming capability and a 1TB hard drive, this is a beast of a console that you and your lover can both enjoy for many months to come.

Couple it with a large 4K display, and you won’t be getting up from that snuggly couch for a while. And what better way is there to cuddle than while playing your favorite video game?

Are you already excited to bestow a wonderful gaming-related gift on your better half? With the items listed here, you simply cannot go wrong. Just remember that it’s not the price of the thing that matters. Rather, it’s the intention and time you took to buy something exceptional.