As is now well known for a long time, in the living room of Phil Spencer there is a Xbox Series X working perfectly. The boss of the division of gaming, Microsoft is playing from quite some time now, testing a lot of games and at the same time providing invaluable feedback to the development team.

During a recent discussion with Gamertag Radio, Spencer congratulated his staff and said that the development of the console and its features is already at a good point. At this time of the year, at the time of the Xbox One, they were much further back. Now the status of the work is so advanced that Spencer can already use the Xbox Series X as the primary console to his house.

The boss of Xbox is helping the team to draw up a list of games compatible with the new console, which will need to be able to run all titles released on the Xbox One, including those for the Xbox 360 and Xbox included in the program of backward compatibility. Apparently, the games already work perfectly, are “tons”. “I’m trying. Is in full development, each time you restart. Not all games are perfectly compatible. We are working on the list of games approved, you can see what I’m playing, there are tons of games that work, “he said.

Phil Spencer and the team still have several months ahead of them to refine everything. The stated goal, remember, is to offer the backward compatibility total at launch. In the course of the same intervention to Gamertag Radio, Spencer has also spoken of the exclusive Xbox Series X.