No Man’s Sky has received the new update, Synthesis, update that introduced the ability to upgrade the ships. Let’s see how to use it to expand the inventory of the ship and make up the class.

The space available in the inventory is one of the most important resources of No Man’s Sky. Even the space ships have their inventory appropriate, of the capacity set. If in the past it was not allowed to expand, forcing players eager to a cargo hold more capacious to change the ship, fortunately with the arrival of Synthesis it is possible to enhance the ship and extend the capacity of your inventory. We are going to explain how to do it.

How to extend the inventory of the ship in No Man’s Sky

Starting from the updated Synthesis, players of No Man’s Sky are able to expand the inventory of their ships. To do this you just need to get to the terminal fittings of the ships: you can find us inside of space stations, as you can see in the video proposed in the opening.

Once you reach the terminal, you just need to interact with it and add new slots to the inventory of your ship, in exchange of your money and of the resources that you have accumulated during the trip.

How to enhance the ship and make up the class in No Man’s Sky

Always interacting from the same terminal, all the players of No Man’s Sky can enhance their ship by making it climb category. You can adapt it to your needs, with the advantage of keeping with you the ships that you are loyal, attrezzandole to better address even the most challenging of the trip that will take you to the centre of the Galaxy.

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