In this session, dating back to the GDC, 2018, Gilbert Sanders of Guerrilla Games has talked about what the studio has learned to bring the lush and vibrant vegetation of Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4.

The great focus of the movie is about how the Guerrilla has maintained the high performance, while filling in the lush open world of Horizon Zero Dawn, and Sanders has offered in-depth details on the use of numerous techniques and various optimizations to achieve the ambiantazioni.

It is a speech rich in details and practical techniques, so if you missed the event live, you now have the opportunity to watch the whole thing for free on the official channel YouTube of the GDC.

In related news, we discovered that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will have a portfolio online multiplayer, or at least so it seems according to job advertisements Guerrilla.

What do you think of the vegetation of Horizon Zero Dawn?

Source: Gamasutra.