It’s been almost a year since Reggie Fils-Aime has left the presidency of Nintendo of America, but continue to emerge behind the scenes on his long experience working with the house of Kyoto.

In the latest episode of the podcast Present Value, Reggie has confessed that when he began talks with Nintendo, owned the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but not a GameCube. In this regard, said: “the PS2 was dominating the market. The GameCube and Xbox were at the same level, so Nintendo, who was accustomed to dominate the market, it was in an awkward position. I knew Nintendo knew its franchise. I owned not only a Super NES, but also a Nintendo 64. I had PlayStation 2 and also Xbox One – they were all in my house. Curiously, at the time when I started the talks with Nintendo, I didn’t have a GameCube“.

This, however, gave it a twist: “as a customer, I could see problems and opportunities. I could understand where there was a need to improve, not only from the point of view of sales and marketing, the role for which I was hired, but from a broader perspective”.

The rest, as you well know, is history. After the difficult first years of 2000, Nintendo has obtained a huge success with the Wii, a console sold of all time, and then – after the unsuccessful parenthesis Wii U – with the current Nintendo Switch, which has already reached 52,48 million units distributed.