During the quarterly report of Activision Blizzard , President Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack commented on the negativity around Warcraft III: Reforged.
According to him, the company has been a rough week.
Our community expects us to great things. We heard from fans that this time we failed to reach this bar.
J. Allen Brack
However, Brack claims that Blizzard has repeatedly proven that she continues to support the game after release, not only improving them but also developing. Warcraft III: Reforged will be no exception.
However, the community is dissatisfied with not only the quality of “a complete rethinking”, was a standard remaster, but false advertising — even after release Blizzard used to promote the cutscene from BlizzCon 2018, which is in the draft no.
Blizzard of discontent around Warcraft III Reforged: “We want to apologize”