The least we can say is that the arrival of Byleth in the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has caused much ink to flow. Why ? Simply because he is yet another character stamped Fire Emblem, a series that already includes a large number of representatives in the play – Daraen, Ike, Lucina, Corrin, Marth, Roy, and Chrom. And to make matters worse, the fans have noticed that the roster was overflowing of swordsmen, a fortnight approximately. Anyway, all this has prompted Masahiro Sakurai to speak on the subject in the columns of Famitsu.

“The characters are not selected according to my preferences, explained the creator of the series (relayed by Siliconera). It is Nintendo who is in charge. […] There are too many characters in Fire Emblem, and you could do the same for the swordsmen. I absolutely understand the criticism. Now, what’s done is done, and it must continue to move forward. There are still other things that I need to think about. And then, even if there are a lot of swordsmen, each of them has its own mechanics.”

Those other things about which Sakurai-san is, without doubt, six characters additional of the Fighter Pass Flight. 2. Nothing has yet filtered out on their identity, but there is a chance that Nintendo tends a little more to the ear this time.