After the recent news about the abandonment of the studies of The Coalition of Rod Fergusson, the creator of the saga of Gears of War Cliff Bleszinski has decided to take a step forward and it is proposed as a consultant for the next chapters of the series.

Bleszinski addressed directly to Microsoft via a Tweet in which he said:

“On the floor of the office of Rod Fergusson there are a lot of my ideas and Lee Perry (ex-developer of Epic Games) that has not been used yet.”

Semnbra, then, that a good Cliff wants to make whistles of LawBreakers and Radical Heights, battle royale, published long ago by his studio Boss Key Productions. However, he states that he does not want to attempt to take the place of Fergusson, but only to provide support for new chapters of Gears of War.

Offer still stands to consult on the Gears franchise, Microsoft.

Your move.

(Rod had a bunch of my and @MrLeePerry’s unused ideas sitting on the cutting room floor.)

— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) February 6, 2020

“The world is collapsing. The Swarm has corrupted the army robots of the Coalition, and you are going to break down on the cities of the humans. With the impending danger, Kite Diaz separates you from the others to unravel the mystery of his relationship to the enemy and discovers the true danger for the Evening: she herself.” – it says in the description of Gears 5.

What do you think?

SOURCE: Gamerant