Overwatch 2 has been advertised with an all-new story mode, a new graphics update and a lot of changes to the gameplay. For players interested in a more complete experience, this should make them happy, however, concerns were raised on the fact that the PvP game basic has been overlooked as a result.

Answering questions of the community on the forum on the 3rd of February, Jeff Kaplan has outlined exactly what players should expect from the second chapter of Overwatch. “As for PvE, we’ve added a complete story arc told through quests, and narrative,” he explained, adding that it is a multiplayer experience. “Even if it is a linear story, I’m reluctant to call it the country because it is cooperative, not single player”.

“We will also have Missions for the Hero, which are highly reproducible PvE supported by a system of progression. The closest analogy is the Adventure mode in Diablo 3 or the quests in WoW. For the part that is PvP, we are adding a pool completely new PvP maps that includes a new game mode called Push. For both modes, will be added new heroes”.


For now, there seems to be a good balance of content between the new side PvE game and the PvP. Players who only care about the competitive experience do not have to invest in the expansion, but if you want to approach the history, then Overwatch 2 promises big news.

Source: Dexerto