After the last phase of the Xbox Game Pass Quest ended on the 19th of December, Microsoft has now announced the next iteration of the program. This time, there are around 90 missions that players can unlock by earning points in exchange. These points can then be spent via the Microsoft program Rewards.

Just like the last time, there are a few different types of quests, including daily quests, weekly, and monthly, as well as some exclusives for those who use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Some of the missions have as their target all the games Game Pass, but some are still dedicated to specific titles, encouraging users to try different things.

There are daily Quests which earn 15 points playing any of the title Game Pass on the Xbox or by logging in to the Xbox app Game Pass on your phone. You can also get 50 points to unlock a goal in any game Game Pass. With regard to the specific missions for the games, you can earn 75 points each week by completing 3 robberies in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition and 100 points per month stealing 35 cars in Grand Theft Auto V. If you have completed enough missions, weekly and daily, you’ll unlock a reward monthly rather big 1,000 points.


These Quests will last a little less than a month, until march 2, which means that you can try out the missions monthly only once. However, it is an interesting way to get rewards playing the game.

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Source: Neowin.