If the beginning of the year 2010 was particularly resplendent for Telltale, their end is failing, unfortunately, to sign his certain death : against-expectation, the firm was miraculously saved by an investor… showing the development of the brilliant The Wolf Among Us 2. It is expected of course to see more with, still, a little pinch in the heart, casting a glance towards all the failed projects : an interview of the chain The NAYSHOW with Ryan Kaufman, former narrative designer of Telltale and LucasArts, allows precisely to put light on some of the work in question… was a part of the franchise 007.

A James Bond series by the authors of the fantastic The Walking Dead or Tales From the Borderlands ? Here’s one, nice idea. And to believe the words of the developer, the project had been in the pipes.

It has never been very far away with James Bond. It was even discussed with the holders of the license. For me, it had to do with something completely new : a James Bond afro-american or a woman. Something different that would surprise people and would have allowed them to use the gadgets, discover the organization. Everything that makes James Bond, but without linking the game to the movies.

Unfortunately, this artistic creativity was not well received, closing the door to Telltale for the completion of the game.

It was a situation where we wanted to take more risks than the shareholders would have wanted, so they were not starters. It is always like this, it is necessary to arrive at a compromise. […] it is necessary that the rights holders are in agreement.

Damage, it is necessary to admit that the video game would have been an ideal medium for experimenting with such ideas, they are so hard to democratize from some moviegoers. So much the worse.