Gareth Bale, the star of welsh Real Madrid (perhaps in the process of flying towards new shores, bests the port to the Tottenham), has decided to follow the path of many of his colleagues, jumping in the battlefield esportivo inaugurating the organization Ellevens Esports in collaboration with 38 Entertainment Group.

The entrepreneur Jonathan Kark , and the footballer Larry Cohen (unacknowledged by the us, given that play in the championship, the south african and Lithuanian national) are the co-founders of the 38 Entertainment Group.

The organization, for a start, it will be present on the football home EA, after you have recruited a team that will compete in the where each of the Cup of FIFA.

The vertices of Ellevens Esports have announced that cerceranno to expand in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League , and Fortnite in the course of the next few months.

Bale has spoken about the decision to jump into this particular sector, expressing, however, the concepts that they always say it all: “On the field, my goal is always to win. With Ellevens Esports, winning attitude is just as important. Are there any similarities between football and esports as it takes dedication and sacrifice to reach the highest levels. I’m trying to recruit a team of players of the world level for Ellevens in a variety of games. Discovering new talents is an exciting part of the process, and it was really exciting to be involved in the selection of our training players up to this point!”

Jonathan Kark , he added: “we Expect to see further growth in this international phenomenon and we are actively trying to raise additional capital in complementary activities within the ecosystem esports”.