Available since march 3, 2017, the Switch is not as powerful as the PS4 and the Xbox One, which was released in 2013. At the same time, many observers wonder how Nintendo will react when the Xbox Series X and PS5 – supposed to be monsters of technology – will arrive at the end of this year. Questioned on the subject by one of its investors, the japanese manufacturer wanted to be reassuring.

“Our plans for the fiscal year 2020-2021 will be addressed during the publication of the next quarterly results, said the president Shuntaro Furukawa in the framework of a session of questions and answers. We are perfectly aware that the market is going to evolve with the arrival of the new consoles, but they will target a different audience. So, we do not believe that their exit will have an impact on our sales. The priority is to maintain the current dynamics of the Nintendo Switch.”

Some rumors hinted that the Big N is working on a Nintendo Switch more powerful, but the same Shuntaro Furukawa has swept away all these speculations of a reverse of hand. “We believe that it is important to continue to communicate on the interest of two current models [classic and Lite, editor’s note] in order to extend the installed base, he made it known last week. Please note that we do not intend to launch a new Switch for 2020.”

The group, nippon considers especially that these are the games that will make the difference. Moreover, we point out that Animal Crossing : New Horizons is planned for the 20th march next, and that we are still waiting for a date for Bayonetta 3. This is why the fans are hoping that the next Direct will be dedicated to the Nintendo Switch and the titles that come out on top.