SEGA has announced that, starting from Total War ROME II Enemy at the Gates Edition all the PC games of the company will be distributed in a new packaging and produced in recycled material and easily recyclable.

The packaging of SEGA games for PC will be produced entirely in cardboard, eco-friendly, for the printing of the covers and the manuals will be used inks, water and vegetables with a low environmental impact, so as not to burden the less on the environment. The enclosures will also be more compact and this will allow you to save not only on production but also on the transport and distribution, with less damage to the environment.

At the moment we do not know if SEGA will adopt a similar strategy to the games on the console, the current state of the new packaging are expected only for PC games in format retail but it is likely that the process of production and distribution will be further optimized in the coming months so it can be adopted without particular problems, also with regard to the enclosures for PS4, Xbox One, and games for Next-Gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.