The time passes, the anticipation grows, the voices multiply, but Sony has still not revealed the date of the presentation of PlayStation 5, probably one of the most expected by gamers in this period.

In any case, there are several clues that suggest that it could be around the corner. On the 27th of January, as we promptly reported, Sony has registered the trademark “PS5” at the IGE, IPI, i.e. the swiss federal institute for intellectual property, in the category “Game Computer”. Well, on the 30th of January he did the same thing in the United Kingdom. The registration of this trademark in the european continent, as highlighted by DailyStar, may have been necessary because of the Brexit.

When he discovered the first brand in Switzerland, the editorial staff of Let’s Go Digital is the fact that something happened very similar to seven years ago, in the time of the announcement of the PlayStation 4. At the time, the acronym was filed a few days in different countries of the world, and the announcement of the console took place in less than a month from the registration of the first mark.

The history will repeat itself? In this case, the presentation of the PS5 could really take place in February, as widely rumored in recent weeks. It is true, in any case, that has not yet received an official confirmation from the upper echelons of the Sony: the doubts remain, as it has been highlighted that Francesco Fossetti in a special video on the reveal of PS5.