The console next-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have yet to be revealed completely to the entire world, but the war of the performance and characteristics of the hardware is already active for a long time. Of course, at the centre of these discussions, there are only a rumor, and rumors, given that the real technical specifications of both are still shrouded in mystery.

To add a little bit of other meat on the fire, we report a new report coming from an insider trusted: the user of NeoGaf, known as the BGs, she would have stated that, at present, the PlayStation 5 console, compared to Xbox, Series X, would offer the best overall performance. This, taking into account the latest dev-kit accessible to the BGs.

“At the beginning of the year, the PlayStation 5 is still the one that offers the best performance. I don’t know if this has changed with the new Devkit. I don’t have access to that information at this time and, personally, I think that (in theory) I would not be able to have physical access to one of them until the beginning of the summer.”.

Despite this statement, it seems that the two consoles will not be so much different. According to the insider, the difference will be extremely small and players might not notice it even:

“This generation will not be the generation that is marked by a difference in graphics that will push you to buy one over the other. It will be the generation of games. True, on a will run faster than in the other (but you won’t notice it). A will load the screen in 10 seconds and the other in 7 seconds. A have of the best sounds of the other. One will run the games at 60fps and the other…well. What matter will be the quality that the various development studios get their time and their budget.”.

A testimony that should reassure fans of both PS5 that of the Xbox Series X, even if the users are more hardcore will always stand on every single detail, to dictate the superiority of one over the other.

In closing, the BGs has advised us to keep our eyes open for the arrival of PSVR 2, a new viewer for the virtual reality of PlayStation, refusing, however, to further comment on the topic.

Of course, although it is a insider trusted, also this time we must consider his statements as a rumor and nothing else, waiting for an official announcement of Microsoft and Sony that could reveal finally the mysteries of the next-gen.


PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be launched at the end of the year. What do you think? Also, according to you, this will be the generation where the power will have to leave space for titles and exclusive?

Source: WCCFTech