If you’re one of those players who like to create content for their title favorite, know that with Warcraft III, Reforged, all of your creations shall be the property of Blizzard. The studio has quietly updated its terms of use so that any custom game will automatically become the property of the publisher. This is simply the result of what happened with the first Warcraft III, where a developer talented had created a custom game called “Defense Of The Ancients (or DOTA for short), which was a monumental success, without that Blizzard can’t make a dime. Worse, after some time, the developer in question was hired by Valve Software, and started the creation of a standalone baptized DOTA 2, and who is today one of the tracks most played in the world.

At the time, Blizzard attempted to assert his rights, but was dismissed in court, and forced to rename its copy of DOTA under the name of Blizzard All-Stars. A painful memory, therefore, led to the decision to modify the conditions of use. The other side of the coin, this is the scene that hyperactive creators of custom games in Warcraft III is likely to Boycott the version Reforged. Worse, the use of content licensed from third parties is also banned. You have understood, it should not be a review of some of the mods the more famous ones, like Anime Fight, DBZ Tribute or Pimp My Mario.