If you’re familiar at all with modern casino games on the internet, you’ve likely noticed that the occasional game series or entertainment franchise makes an appearance. For instance, as we’ve seen DC and Warner Bros. rebooting comic book heroes in the last decade or so, there have been some Superman- and Justice League-related slot reels to make appearances. We’ve covered the expansion of the Hitman series before, and this is another example of a larger franchise that’s produced a slot game here and there.

While there are a handful of examples like those, though, what we don’t tend to think about is how more original casino games could produce themes themselves that might be more broadly useful in the world of games and entertainment. Once, the games in this category just weren’t good or interesting enough to spark such thoughts. But now, particularly among he collections we see at some of the busier online casino hubs like those in New Zealand, the games are good enough, and it’s a discussion worth having.

If the idea of looking to New Zealand for this particular genre sounds strange, it may just be because you aren’t familiar with related sites. New Zealand’s casino sites are known for their welcome bonuses, their flexible payment methods, and their generally clean, modern appearance. Beyond all of this surface-level appeal though, the same sites also feature selections of some of the most high-end slot arcades online today. In fact, these selections almost represent a sort of filtered, best-of-the-best group of games, in that they match fairly closely the lists of games you’ll find at similar casino sites in the UK, or Canada. But in New Zealand they’re more effectively showcased because there seems to be less clutter around them, in terms of other casino games, older slots, and so on.

Looking through the selection, you’ll quickly find that the look and feel of the games are better than what you might expect of computer slots, as well as that the themes are varied and cover a lot of ground. What we’ve noticed beyond these general points about quality, though, are some specific gaming themes we’d love to see more of throughout the gaming world.

Olympian Gods

The ancient, mythical gods of Olympus might actually represent the single most prominent theme among the New Zealand casino sites. Mostly, this is because of the “Age Of The Gods” series, which now consists of several different slot reels, each featuring different collections of gods and heroes. These same figures aren’t entirely obscure in modern gaming beyond slots, but we don’t see as much of them as some might enjoy. Right now, they populate a fighting game here and there, and exist on the periphery of some adventure games (like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey). But more games that actually take place on Olympus and involve numerous mythological figures as key players would likely be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping the “Age Of The Gods” concepts have some legs beyond the casino platforms.

Transylvanian Vampires

Maybe this is nitpicking a little bit, because there are plenty of vampire-related video games out there, across pretty much every conceivable medium. But can you remember playing one that really felt grounded in the original tale of Dracula, or the medieval castles of Transylvania? No prominent ones really come to mind. Among the New Zealand gaming sites though, titles like Blood Suckers and Blood Suckers II call those Transylvanian settings to mind, and – despite being animated somewhat playfully – feel a little bit more like vintage vampire fiction. Building on their aesthetic, it would be great to see more games revolving around heroes venturing into medieval castles populated or ruled by vampires.

Mythical Lands

Another theme you almost can’t help but notice among these top casino slot games is that of mythical lands and legendary locations. Beyond the aforementioned setting of Olympics, the slot Gonzo’s Quest concerns the search for El Dorado; Mighty Arthur calls the Kingdom of Camelot to mind; and games titled Treasure Island and The Legend Of Shangri-La are self-explanatory. When you think about these games, it’s almost surprising how little we’ve seen of similar settings in more conventional games. Shangri-La had a role in the game Far Cry 4, but beyond that, legendary places like El Dorado, Camelot, Treasure Island, and more are criminally underserved in the broader world of gaming.

There are actually additional examples beyond these, such as fairy tale settings, rock ’n’ roll themes and more concepts that are arguably underutilized in modern gaming. But even looking at the concepts outlined above, you can see that New Zealand’s casino platforms are housing some very interesting gaming potential. Let’s hope some of the themes catch on in a bigger way.