Strong of its huge success with Monster Hunter World (the biggest sale in its history), Capcom seems to be now more interested in mobile platforms : here Monster Hunter Riders, a as iOS and Android unique, including the first trailer has just been released.

Picking up very strongly the artistic direction of the opus 3DS Monster Hunters Stories, this iteration colourful will be in the form of an RPG in free-to-play : the story will take place on the continent of Felgia and will focus around the head of the special agency of the Guild of the Knights – you, in sum – which will raise a maximum of monsters. The threat of the black knights will also be to counter.

This is not the first time that Capcom did to land his franchise on mobile : we already had the right to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite some time ago, unfortunately, removed the blinds from the summer of 2019. Hope this new title, for the moment, planned in Japan, has a long life more consistent.