Edition Eurogamer reports that I’ve heard from my sources, who wished to remain anonymous, about improving relations between Hideo Kojima and Konami. This information may seem absurd, said the site, taking into account what happened between the publisher and the developer in 2015, but sources cause resource trust.

At the same time, the article emphasizes that the information was voiced in an informal setting without providing evidence. A separate article Eurogamer she was not dedicated, but felt it important to mention about it in the news with rumors about the imminent return of Silent Hill.

Previously, Hideo kojima said that he was interested in creating horror, and then art Director of Silent Hill 2, Masahiro ito said on joining the development team of the new horror film that he hopes will not be cancelled.

Eurogamer also recalls that over the past year, Konami has updated a few times a trademark of Silent Hill. Journalists do not know if kojima and Konami to agree on developing a new part of the series, but I think that the talk about the imminent return of the franchise – in any case, good news for fans.

In November 2019 kojima released their new game Death Stranding, our review of which you can find at this link. The developer has big plans for the future.

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