According to recent rumor, the sequel of God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn could get everyone in 2021 on the PS5, by starting with a bang the life-cycle of the console.

The entries on these three games follow one another, with the well-known journalist Imran Khan , which states that a new Spider-Man game is not so far. Santa Monica Studios, however, would be to work on the new God of War, and a recent job announcement of Guerrilla Games confirms Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

God of War has been able to attract the gamers towards the PS4, and, very probably, a sequel would be seen as a “seller” console PS5. A cryptic Tweet from Cory Barlog , released in November, was to think of a new game, but this does not mean that the project is necessarily a God of War. This may be a new game from the studio called fare includes legendz.

Recently, Cory Barlog has said he’d like to deepen the game’s storyline by revisiting the first meeting between Kratos and Faye and developing their relationship.

Speaking of Spider-Man, according to Khan Spider-Man 2 would be ready to be launched in the period of Christmas “2021”. A window has also spoken by a user of Reddit v17447377, which stated that the game will be released in the holiday season 2021.

If the rumors prove to be true, the sequel to Spider-Man would provide a great impetus to the sales of the PS5 for the first year.


We arrive at Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The first entry, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn emerged at the beginning of last year, when the actress Janina Gavinar, the voice of characters such as Tatai in the DLC Frozen Wilds for Horizon Zero Dawn, told a fan that the sequel will be even better than the first game.

More or less in the same period of last year, a post on Pastebin about Horizon: Zero Dawn, discovered by a developer of the european third-party, stated that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 could be launched in 2021. Finally, at the end of 2019, Guerrilla Games published a number of job ads, including one for a Technical Vegetation Artist that would be used just on HZD2, as in the article is mentioned directly the “world Horizon”.

Also the sequel to the Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS5 would give the new console a huge boost in sales, given that the previous title has been a point of strength particularly strong. In February 2018, Horizon: Zero Dawn had sold 7.6 million copies worldwide.

While God of War alone can sell a console, as well as Horizon: Zero Dawn in a certain extent, even Spider-Man could be a strong point of PS5. All three of these games launched in the same year may prove the power of the console, Sony needs to maintain its position of dominance, in view of the fierce competition of the Xbox Series X.

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Source: Gamerant.