Horizon Zero Dawn 2, the sequel almost confirmed the exclusive PS4 of Guerrilla Games in 2017, may have a form of multiplayer functionality, according to a series of announcements of work of the study.

Originally noticed on Reddit, Guerrilla Games has published a number of vacancies in the last few weeks that, if put together, suggest that the developer of Killzone could return to the multiplayer. The study attempts a Game Server Engineer able to work on “systems such as matchmaking, tournaments, clans and rankings”.

Another vacancy, more recently, for a Senior Game Programmer might indicate that the ads relate to Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and not a new title, Killzone.

The post confirms that Guerrilla is working on a “epic game ” open world”, and states that the ideal candidate will help develop “long-range weapons and melee, mechanics of combat and traversal, skill, damage, and responses to the shots, camera systems, inventory, and economy”. Finally, it would be an experience in “multiplayer”.


It is possible that these two announcements relate to different games; one may be Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and the other a completely new project.

In other related news, have recently emerged other reports that would like to Horizon Freezing Dawn on the PC.

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Source: Gamesradar.