A federal court in Dallas has annulled a ruling against Nintendo for patent infringement, which regulates the technology of the movement of the remote control for the Wii. The cause goes back a few years ago and the charge came from a company, iLife, and which had declared that Nintendo would have copied this technology.

Apparently so, Nintendo will no longer have to pay $ 10 million because the allegations of the iLife “are unfounded as the patents of the company would have been rejected”. In total, the patents rejected iLife would amount to six and among these was one dedicated to a motion sensor.

“Nintendo has a long history in the development of new products and unique and we are pleased that, after many years of litigation, the court has agreed with the company,” said Ajay Singh, the deputy general counsel of Nintendo of America. “We will continue to defend our products against the companies that seek to profit from technology that they have invented”.


About patents: you know that the major of Kyoto has published one on a touch pen for Nintendo Switch?

Source: VG247