A patent from Nintendo reveals what could become a new accessory for Switch, or a Touch Pen connected to the Strap of the Joy-Share The patent was filed last summer but has become in the public domain only in these hours.

The appearance of the device is that of a Joy-with Strap With the addition of a small outgrowth soft rubber designed to be used as a Touch Pen on the display of the console. Useful for games like Brain Training and Super Mario Maker 2 or maybe even future versions of applications such as Mario Artist, even if for the moment it is simple hypothesis.

Difficult to read because the house of Kyoto at the moment has not confirmed anything, the patent may have been filed only as a precaution as often happens in these cases, without, however, the will to give life actually to a Touch Pen connected directly to the Strap of the Joy-With, solution, useful but perhaps not practical in the current state.

It is not excluded that Nintendo wants to continue to experiment with devices and accessories in the second part of the commercial life of the Switch, as it did with Co, and the Ring Fit in these years.