To celebrate the launch of the update 0.9.0 for World of Warships, Wargaming has prepared a new series of special rewards obtainable by the viewers of Twitch simply watching the stream.

Given the topic of the new update, could not be chosen for the Exeter, a ship of war Premium by the Royal Navy the british, as a reward for the epic this month. This price is fine can be obtained only once for the viewer, but fortunately, the rewards do not finish at all here.

During the whole period of the update 0.9.0, watching streaming content will unlock a combat mission weekly directly in your Port. In total there will be four combat missions, and each mission will be activated on a weekly basis to all spectators:

  • Play Better: from the 16th to the 30th of January
  • Lunar new year: from January 23 to February 6
  • X Mother Russia: from 30 January to 13 February
  • Venice carnival: from February 6 to February 2

In addition, a container special Twitch will be sent directly on the Harbour while you watch the stream you Can receive up to five of these containers during the update 0.9.0, and in each of them you will find 100.000 credits, signals, assorted and consumables, Premium assorted.

Remember that the Rewards of Twitch, the Challenges and Rewards of epic can be obtained by watching the stream of the official channel of World of Warships, or of the streamer of Twitch that play World of Warships with the rewards active. The channel Twitch on the official World of Warships is usually live every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00, and on Friday at 17:00. Make sure that your account Twitch is linked to your account Wargaming, otherwise you will not receive any reward.