The Order 1886 was one of the titles, the PlayStation 4 , which, more than all the others, he had pointed a spotlight on the graphic power that the then-new generation was able to get. Unfortunately, over time the game has also become the emblem of the struggle “graphics vs content” that was beginning to spread among gamers.

The title, developed by Ready At Dawn, although acclaimed for the graphics, it was also harshly criticized for the lack of longevity, the gameplay is trivial and the poverty of content. Developers, at the time, promised to have done the treasury of the criticisms received, but, since then, a sequel to “improved” The Order 1886 was never developed. A recent rumor, however, might suggest that Ready At Dawn is working to build one, and that it will see the light for next-gen.

The entry is from a user of NeoGaf OsirisBlack, an insider who years ago had unveiled well in advance of the specifications of the PS4 Pro, even before it was announced. He has not openly declared that a new The Order 1886 is processed: however, you put it to describe, in detail, the sequence of a gameplay video that claims to have seen in a presentation, in which it is shown, precisely, this new game in action. From the details shared, as the protagonist, wearing the badges, monsters, enemies, yellow-eyed and able to speak and other has arrived at the conclusion that this is exactly The Order 1886.

This title would be in development for next-gen and it would be expected for the Xbox Series the X-and PlayStation 5, detail a lot of curious for a simple reason: so far as we know publicly, the IP of The Order is currently owned by Sony and not Ready at Dawn, which has, however, expressed by the desire to gain possession of it, to continue to explore the universe. That is the confirmation of a hoax, or proof that behind the scenes is happening something important?


Of course, we have no way of proving that all of this is true or not, therefore better to take this news with caution. What do you think? You would be consenting to the return of The Order 1886?

Source: Gamesradar