Studio 3D Realms announced that until the end of the year will release a remaster of the classic shooter Kingpin: Life of Crime. The updated version will be called Kingpin: Reloaded and will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
Kingpin: Reloaded will support 4K resolution and 60 Hz, and management with a controller. For fans of retro will retain the option to switch to classic mode graphics.
In addition to improved pictures, the Studio plans to update the balance, the quest system and mechanics, and add new features. Change and the dialogue system, but all the details the developers will be informed later.
For opponents of violence will prepare a special regime No Violence. But even there the gangsters will not hesitate to use strong expressions. And to communicate with them have often, because the goal of the game is to build your own gang and to put an end to the rule of the local leader, nicknamed the Kingpin.
Kingpin: Life of Crime came out in 1999, shortly after the tragic events at the school “Columbine”. The time was ill chosen, so that in some places it was withdrawn from sale. A group of “Fargus” released a Russian version called “Bro“.
The announcement Kingpin: Reloaded took place during the event, PAX South 2020, which takes place in Texas.