The Portuguese club of Benfica will participate in the next FIFA 20 Global Series, after having recruited the brazilian player Henrique “Zezhino” Lempke.

Lempke will move soon in Portugal, at the court of the Benfica-and it seems that the player will be presented in full regalia with a feast, during which fans can meet at the stadium of the club, the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Miguel Bento, marketing manager of Benfica, has spoken of the choice of emptying into esports in a press release: “innovation is part of our DNA. Sport Lisboa e Benfica cannot remain indifferent to the growth of this industry virtual. This is a first step in a bet for the future that will allow for a greater involvement of our young fans in a business that generates a lot of passion and interest.”

According to some sources, the club portogherse may expand in the near future, recruiting other players, even if you still do not know if the club will remain in the field of football or decide to expand to other titles, as have other clubs have done in the recent past.

Also the new player of Benfica (which is the prerogative of course, in the scene of esports FIFA), Lempke, has communicated his joy: “I Am very happy to represent the biggest club in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe. I can’t wait to wear the colours of Benfica and I will do my best to win for the club”.