The boys of Team Ninja allow us to peek between the folds of the evocative dimension soulslike of Nioh 2, and giving in the meal of the new images on the characters, creatures and scenarios in this title is intended to arrive on PS4 next march 13.

The rich multimedia material produced by the developers of the japanese focuses on the characters and creatures that will populate the environments of the Castle Otari andHongan-ji temple of Ishiyama.

By exploring these scenarios, we will reach Saika Magoichi, an old acquaintance for all fans of the series of Nioh: as with the human form of Magoichi, the Castle Otari and the complex of buddhist temples of Ishiyama will also host the Same and Gyuuki, two dreadful demons, Yokai, which will give a hard time to our warrior.

The publication of these new shots of the game and render it then takes us to the promise on the part of the historic software house founded by Tomonobu Itagaki, to share more information about the project on a weekly basis until theoutput of Nioh 2 in mid-march on the PlayStation 4. In the meantime, the authors of Team Ninja have shown in detail the improvements made by the Open Beta-Nioh 2, drawing inspiration from the suggestions and advice received from those who attended the last, important phase of the test.