In the margin of the video on the news of the update 0.9.0 for World of Warships, the boys of describe the new Combat Missions introduced in their simulator strategic with the last major update on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Through the Combat Missions, new and old enthusiasts of WoW can compete in daily challenges and special events with which to get rewards ranging from the mimetic to the commanding officer to the credits ingame, until you get to the doubloons spent in the gift shop and the new resource, temporary Tokens British. The latter can be spent to redeem the heavy Cruisers the british in the Early Access: to get them you have to dedicate to the Delivery of the Day or Directives, and daily Quests.

The new event for World of Warships requires the completion of 36 missions spread on 4 Directives, the first of which will be available at the launch of the update 0.9.0. As to the daily challenges, the team informs us that at the completion of the chain of combat missions daily, we will receive of the bonus ingame that will vary in function of the number of activities carried out. For all the details of the case, we leave you the link of the official website of World of Warships and to the detailed description of the various Combat Missions and rewards to be granted once completed.