The developers of Rockstar Games take advantage of the new update of GTA Online to add the Karin Sultan Classic, the Rewards are King of the Hill and the discounts Hit at the Casino.

The queen of classic cars and is available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos: with the arrival of Karin Sultan Classic in the already huge garage virtual of GTA Online, the Big R has well thought to offer rewards double in all the official activities of the races, terrestrial and King of the Hill.

From here to the 22nd of January, fans of the universe-multiplayer Grand Theft Auto 5 will also receive the 25% more GTA$ for completing the challenge final Shot at Casino Diamond. The members of the support team will receive 50% of the loot in the less, which of course will end up in the pockets of our alter-ego.

Those who go in the atrium of the Casino and Resort Diamond in this period of time, you can also spin the wheel, lucky to win GTA$, points, RP, clothing, and much more: in the palio there is also the Karin Everon customized with the livery of the Harsh Souls full of skulls and flames!

Also, the costs of preparation of the Blow to the Casino will be reduced to 50% until next week, and with them also the cost of the operations to deal with between the games rooms, cabins and various improvements to their own activities. Lastly, we point out to the members of Twitch First from here to the 22nd of January will receive a full refund on the room games, Pixel Pete in Paleto Bay within 72 hours of the purchase, but also a 50% discount on the workshops of the Arena and its related additions, as well as a 10% discount that is in addition to those listed above.