The update to version 11.40 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is only available for a few hours and, among the main innovations of the update not only find the opportunity to make changes to weapons such as Assault Rifles, since it is now possible to complete the other two Challenges at the Extraordinary Time.

The two missions as soon as unlocked, Rippley vs Slime , and the 8 Ball vs Ball in the Hole, and allow unlock of additional styles of both of the skins available to all buyers of the Pass Battle. To get the costume extra you will need to complete the mission, Alter-Ego of both and complete a minimum of 9 of the 10 challenges.

These are the challenges initially available for the mission Rippley vs Slime:

  • Get medals Vulture gold ransacking treasure chests, the blade or the delivery of supplies – 52.000 Experience Points
  • You get commendations from the Specialist Assault Rifle in different matches – 52.000 Experience Points
  • Lands at a place referred to in different matches – 52.000 Experience Points

Here are the top three challenges of mission 8-Ball vs Ball in the Hole:

  • Get medals Battle bronze getting eliminations in a match – 52.000 Experience Points
  • He rings the doorbell of a house and into an opponent in several matches – 52.000 Experience Points
  • Dance to Rent the rainbow, and the Bus to the beach and to the Lake of the Canoes – 52.000 Experience Points

As usual, to be able to access the seven challenges later each mission you must first complete at least one of those listed above. Being one of the recent leak regarding the patch 11.40 of Fortnite Chapter 2, to get the latest skins linked to the challenges in extraordinary times you will have to wait another 14 days.