The team he describes in the video all the news of the update 0.9.0 for World of Warships, illustrating in detail the additions and surprises for all the fans of this simulator strategic.

Embellished by the comment of Dasha, the new movie of the developers of WoW to the confirmation of the arrival of the heavy Cruisers the british in Early Access, announced in recent days along with the video of the Destroyer australian Vampire.

The quartet of new ships in Early Access, offers all of the Commanders of World of Warships the opportunity to sail around the oceans of the digital title along with the crew of the cruisers Hawkins (class 5), Devonshire (class 6), Surrey (class 7) and Albemarle (class 8). Each ship can be unlocked through packs of random Armory obtained with Tokens british.

With the arrival ofupdate 0.9.0 WoW comes to an end the promotional initiative related to the Points of Recruitment for the Double: on the other hand, thanks to the new update we will see at the beginning of the Season 8 Battles of the Clans and the introduction of several technical improvements that, as suggested by the video that summarizes all the new features the gameplay of 2019, will lead the way for innovations in contents and games that we’ll be looking for all of the 2020 playing World of Warships on PC and console.